Chapter Leadership

Alma Moegle

Collegiate Chapter President

I decided to go Greek with the goal of joining a sisterhood of like-minded women who would welcome me with open arms. During my recruitment experience, I felt welcomed and loved by the women of Tri Delta. Meeting my Big, Cameron, has been the highlight of my Tri Delta experience. At Tri Delta, I am constantly encouraged to be my most authentic self and I am valued for the traits and skills I can contribute to my chapter. I am so grateful for the support of my amazing officers and advisors who have entrusted me with the role of Chapter President. With these women by my side, I am beyond excited for the next year in Tri Delta!

Cameron Hunter

Vice President of Chapter Programming and Development

My favorite thing about Tri delta is all the friends I’ve made since joining this sorority. My little is my best friend and I’m so grateful to have her in my life. I would have never have met her if it weren’t for Tri Delta.

Bailey Breakfield

Vice President of Operations

I chose Tri Delta because I wanted to be a part of something that truly makes a difference. I fell in love with our philanthropy as well as the people I met during recruitment! One of the things I love most about Tri Delta is its ability to bring people together. I honestly don’t know what I would do without the friends I have made. I can confidently say that my experience as a collegiate Tri Delta will serve me for a lifetime!

Hannah Ray

Vice President of Membership Experience

Having this position has been one of the best things I have gotten out of college so far. I have learned so much about leadership and teamwork, while also building friendships that are going to last forever. Tri Delta has given me some of the best experiences throughout my time in college so far, and I will be forever thankful for this chapter!

Ella Robillard

Vice President of Community Relations

My favorite thing about tri delta is being surrounded by a group of such brave, bold, and kind women that are constantly supporting me to be my best self.

Kaleigh Powell

Director if Lifetime Membership

I’ve met some of my closest friends already! It’s amazing having a group of sisters and friends that are always there for me when I need them!

  • Academic Class: Junior
  • Major: Computer Science/Cybersecurity
  • Hometown: Amite, LA
  • Email:

Taylor Bryant

Director of Social Events

My favorite thing about Tri Delta is the friendships I’ve made and all of the opportunities this chapter has provided me with.

Lindsay Penrod

Director of Financial Operations

My favorite thing about Tri Delta is that everyone is so nice and is willing to help others who need it most. My experience with Tri Delta has been amazing so far and being apart of Tri Delta has helped me grow out of my shell so much.

  • Academic Class: Sophmore
  • Major: Pre-professional Speech-language Pathology
  • Hometown: Natchitoches. LA

Rachel Murphree

Director of Facility Operations

I chose Tri Delta because of the amazing sisterhood and friendships I found at Epsilon Pi.

Abbie Carlson

Director of Membership Finance

When I first joined Tri Delta, I knew that i was joining a powerful sisterhood that could empower me to do things that I didn’t think I could do. This support system has been very special to me throughout my time at Louisiana Tech, and I will continue to be grateful for our powerful bond of sisterhood. I am so grateful for my sisters trusting me with this position and having the opportunity to make an impact!

Caroline Stevens

Director of Public Relations & Marketing

I chose Tri Delta because I loved how the chapter welcomed me in from day one. Their values of truth, self-sacrifice, and friendship resonated with my values. Through Tri Delta, I have made many friendships that I know will last a lifetime and I'm so thankful for the opportunities Delta Delta Delta has given me.

Julia Trull

Director of Membership Selections

I chose Tri Delta because it felt like home to me. I would not have the friends I have today without Tri Delta! My favorite memory Tri Delta gave me was all the late nights I and the ME team stayed up this getting ready for recruitment!

  • Academic Class: Senior
  • Major: Interdisciplinary Studies w/ minors in English, Early Childhood Education, and Human Development and Family Sciences
  • Hometown: Ruston, LA
  • Email:

Emily Robertson

Director of Recruitment

I chose Tri Delta because I saw an opportunity to grow as a person. I have made so many incredible friends that I now and forever will get to call my sisters. Tri Delta has allowed me to grown as a person and pushed me to reach my full potential as a leader!

Tracy Chen

Director of Academic Excellence

Since joining Tri Delta, I’ve met many great people who helped me become a better version of myself. I feel that I have grown to be brave and kind in these past 2 years. I got some of my best friends in my very first year, and I am so thankful for them. Tri Delta is full of many great people and cannot wait for the chapter to continue growing!

  • Academic Class: Sophmore
  • Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Hometown: Luling, LA
  • Email:

Gillian Fay

Director of First Year Experience

I love Tri Delta because I have found truly authentic women that have always been there to help me whenever I needed it.

Caroline Couvillion

Director of Ceremonies and Rituals

I chose Tri Delta because from the moment I walked through the doors I felt acceptable and wanted. Our sisterhood is everything to me and I constantly feel supported by our chapter. My first recruitment in house has to be my favorite memory. It was 2 weeks of nonstop spending time with my sisters. I got close with so many new people and I just fell deeper in love with our sisterhood.